PaperKarma | Reduce paper *Junk* Mail and make Earth a better place!

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Control Your Mailbox, Stop Paper Junk Mail – Using Your Phone!

PaperKarma  Is a Smart Phone helps you take control of you home/business’s mailbox. This apps help you get rid of all types of *paper* junk mail by simply snapping a photo and tapping Send! A trun-key recycling program that diverts unwanted mail..

Basically, PaperKarma allows you to take photos of the junk mail you wish to stop. Snap a photo, and you’re done. Their database automatically contacts the Mailer and remove you from their distribution list. PaperKarma can stop most junk mail that is addressed directly to you.

Paperkarma app on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone!

Recycle before mail gets to the mailbox!

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