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E-Waste Recycling Tampa

Wall-E is an animated movie by Pixar. The main actor was a Robot named Wall-E who became the only inhabitant of earth because human and the rest of living things had moved out to a giant spaceship. Earth was abandoned and full with e-waste piled up everywhere. This movie could be a picture of the earth within a few hundred years ahead. You must be wondering why? It seems that six months is a generation for many electronics these days. The United Nations recently had revealed shocking data about the existing global e-waste. E-junk has multiplied significantly, UN reported that there is between 20- 50 million tons of “fresh” electronic waste from around the globe, and most of it ( approx. 80% ) dumped into poor or developing countries.

AWS E-Waste Recycling Services

AWS Responsibly Partners with Local E-Waste Recycling Providers

E-waste is a type of waste that comes from damaged electronic items or electronics in good condition but no longer used  or valued the user.  This waste problem is getting worse since the presence of new versions of electronics that makes people easily dump their old ones which still have good value.  For an example, according to the US government, the amount of electronic waste increased three times faster than other types of waste, since the presence of new-tech digital TV’s. With these kind of facts, we should react quickly to reduce these trends and take  significant actions to help prevent  the earth from being contaminated by e-waste junk.

Electronic waste has had a worst effect when compared to other types of waste. When it disposed on landfills, the waste will generate severe contamination becauce E-waste usually contains various kind of heavy metals especially Mercury, lead, Cromium, Cadmium, Barium and hazardous compounds such as PBDEs. This waste pollutes out water tables. As a rule, local landfills do NOT accept e-waste.  For those who aren’t familiar with these elements, here’s a brief explanation for each type of hazardous metal:

* Mercury is known to be toxic to human brain and it can cause nervous system & kidney damage. Mercury also very harmful for developing fetus
* In low exposure, Lead can cause IQ degeneration and triggers hyperactivity among other  behavioral disorders.
* Chromium is easily absorbed by human skin and it can cause allergies symptoms and DNA damage
* Cadmium enters the body through respiration and it can ruin kidneys & bones
*Barium, it can cause muscle weakness, breathing difficulty
*PBDE can destroy your Thyroxine hormone and another mammals. If your Thyroxine hormone is disturbed, you will suffer dwarf disease.

What can you do to solve this problem? Here are some ways to solve the e-waste issues.

1. Buy electronic items that you need and not want. See the difference?
2. Buy electronic that can be upgraded easily, so you don’t have to buy new one.
3. Recycle end of life electronics with AWS.  TV recycling, Refrigerators and etc. It has to be handled manually, because if you shredded them with machine the hazardous compound will exposed.

The “De-Manufacturing” Process | What happens after AWS picks up e-waste?

Computer Circuit Board Getting Broken down

Computer Circuit Board Getting Manually Broken Down

We collect e-waste and only work with  e-Stewards-certified recyclers. That means all the material is handled in the U.S. and processed by a network of audited scrap handlers. Some companies have invested in high-tech automation to sort and shred e-waste, but we manually takes things apart which allows them to deliver a uniform product to metal buyers & smelters. It does cost us more to retire electronics responsibly, but it clearly the right thing to do! The recycling model is straight-forward: people and companies pay AWS  to dispose of their electronics gear and have assurances that it’s handled responsibly after it leaves their home, facility, or community.



The Manual De-Manufacturing Process

The Manual De-Manufacturing Process

Manual separation allows us to come up with a pure form of commodity, compared to automated processes. Rooting out the copper wiring or gold-plated components and separating them allows  us to sell it for the highest price possible. AWS also disassembles more common equipment such as cathode ray tube PC monitors. In that case, too, we remove the electronics and ship the rest to another local facility in the area. By manually handing things such as batteries or compact fluorescent bulbs, environmental hazards such as mercury or lead are separated from the scrap stream


End Result of De-Manufacturing Process

End Result of De-Manufacturing Process

AWS  provides responsible Junk Removal & Hauling that includes E-Waste Services. We offer efficient services to both Residential and Commercial customers.  We will send an Urban Junk Vehicle and two professional Urban Junk Removers’ to take garbage, trash, old furniture, old appliances, e-waste, yard waste, dirt, rock, or other debris. No matter how big or small, we will take it all! We get the job done, courteously, competently and completely!

AWS offers Junk Removal Tampa, E-Waste Removal in Tampa  | Tampa Junk Hauling and Orlando|Tampa Bulk Item Removal Services to Apartment and Condominium Communities as well. We make it easy for Multi-family communities to handle e-waste collection. We’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for a few communities in the area and offer economical collection all the e-waste in you area.

E- Waste | Computer Recycling includes TV’s, Monitors, Printers, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Stereo, Game Consoles. For additional ideas on how to recycling your iPhone/iPad or other valuable late model electronics. Contact us at 813-321-7333 |866-698-2874| We provide E-waste Removal in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Brandon including All of Hillsborough & Pinellas counties.

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