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Multi-Family Apartment Property Managers: Use the Apartment Recycling Mandate to earn $150 to $175 per unit per year in NOI!


Some Austin multi-family communities that have not been required to recycle before will soon be changing their ways. Its time to get “waste wise” since the call is to divert 90% of Austin’s waste stream from landfills by 2040!

The Austin City Council passed an ordinance, with the hopes will bring Austin closer to a zero waste city.

For those living in a house, recycling is a quick walk outside. For those living in apartments, it’s not that easy. Right now, only apartment complexes with more than 100 units and businesses with more than 100 employees are required to have recycling programs.

The game has changed. The new ordinance makes it mandatory for Austin condos, Austin apartments, and Austin office buildings to offer recycling regardless how many people live and work there. It will take two years to implement the new rules.

Bob Gedert, the director of Solid Waste Services, Austin said, “It’s a phase in an approach based on the size of the property. The concept is we need that two-year ramp-up time to get proper tenet education out there.”

AWS "Headache-Free" Recycling Mandate Program

AWS "Headache-Free" Multi-Family Recycling Mandate Answer

Although Multi-Family properties should have the choice on whether to implement recycling program or not…

“Cooler Heads” understand the present reality is that the mandate has been passed…and with that said let’s take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional NOI by having a waste plan in place to “manage the mandate”. 

At AWS, with Multi-Family Recycling mandates come $150 to $175 per unit per year in NOI! Unfortunately, Commercial & Institutional properties don’t fare as well.


Austin Recycling Mandate Explained

The following properties would have to start recycling mixed paper, plastics No. 1 and No. 2, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans and glass within the next few years.

Multifamily properties: (apartments, condos, dormitories, mixed-use properties that have a residential component)

75 units or more (601 properties in Austin): Comply by Oct. 1, 2012

50 to 74 units (126 properties): Comply by Oct. 1, 2013

26 to 49 units (339 properties): Comply by Oct. 1, 2014

25 units or fewer (1,370 properties): Wouldn’t have to comply, unless the city can provide ‘single-stream’ collection and processing, allowing customers to put several recyclable materials in single carts.

Commercial/institutional properties: (office buildings, nonprofit organizations, religious buildings, medical facilities, private educational facilities, day care facilities)

The city is still writing recycling rules for bars, restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, retail businesses, hotels/motels, event facilities and industrial and manufacturing businesses.


AWS Makes Managing Multi-Family Recycling Mandates Easy!

AWS Makes Managing Multi-Family Recycling Mandates Easy!

Accelerated Waste Solutions offers Convenient multi-night Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling pick up for apartment residents.  After we divert and recover your recyclable material from the doorstep, we work with our partners to insure renewable Single Stream Recycling.  AWS has testimonial backed, proven system that enhances participation, fights contamination, increases NOI & saves money.  Contact AWS for Apartment Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling mandate-compliant programs. For Valet Trash Only Properties,  who are interested in providing a DoorStep Recycling System and/or need additional information on Increasing Recycling Participation in Your Community . AWS offers The easiest turn-key sustainable option for Multi-Family Communities in the US! Reach us at 866-698-2874!

States & Cities Served:  Florida including Tampa, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, & Jacksonville. Texas including Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio & Arlington. California including Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco.  The Carolina’s including Charlotte, Raleigh, & Nashville-Davidson. Georgia including Atlanta & Savannah. Alabama including Birmingham, Montgomery, & Mobile. Mississippi including Jackson & Gulfport. Louisiana including  New Orleans, Alexandria, & Baton Rouge. Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tucson. Virginia including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond & Virginia Beach. Reach us at 866-698-2874!


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