San Antonio TX Apartment Recycling Update | Municipal Recycling Participation Survey

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The city of San Antonio has implemented an aggressive recycling strategy that hopes to see up to 60% of all discarded materials effectively recycled by 2020. As part of the ordinance, multifamily properties are required to supply recycling containers in convenient locations, along with visible signage and detailed pamphlets distributed to residents. Property owners and managers are required to implement a recycling plan by July 1st, and must resubmit their recycling plans if the property changes ownership, or if there is a change in their recycling collection service.

While San Antonio’s multifamily recycling ordinance may sound draconian, it is the model by which many other cities are using. The Model encourages cities to do their part to provide a resource to connect property owners with waste haulers and recycling companies to ensure that all multifamily residents are covered under the plan. In fact, All properties with 300 or more units — there are 118 such sites in the city — are now participating, as well as 98% of the 215 sites with 200 to 299 units. Of the 220 sites with 100 to 199 apartments, there is 97% compliance.San Antonio has a 97% compliance rating for properties with over 100 units, but smaller properties with less financial resources are finding it difficult to develop recycling strategies.

San Antonio Apartment Recycling Community

San Antonio Apartment Recycling Community

According to Waste Recycling News; only 16% of 826 properties with less than 100 units have obtained compliance with the ordinance, with city officials citing difficulty maintaining communication with smaller property owners. The city is offering on-site recycling training as well as cost-effective recycling plan development for property owners and managers, something smaller properties should definitely take advantage of.


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Source: Waste & Recycling News

Although Multi-Family properties should have the choice on whether to implement recycling program or not…

San Antonio is just one of several major cities that are in the process of developing sustainable recycling programs with far-reaching effects on the multifamily industry, and the trend is only getting stronger. If you are in a city with a strong recycling program, be sure to have a plan either set in place or ready to initiate if city government decides to enact its own zero waste ordinance. AWS Has that turn Key Waste Plan that Earns & Save Properties Money!

“Cooler Heads” understand the present reality is that the mandate can be managed, however are many are finding out there are additional costs that come with compliance…and with that said let’s take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional NOI by having a waste plan in place to “manage the mandate”. 

At AWS, we eliminate the inconvenience & contamination. Our fully compliant Multi-Family Recycling programs come $150 to $175 per unit per year in NOI! Unfortunately, Commercial & Institutional properties don’t fare as well.

Accelerated Waste Solutions offers Convenient multi-night Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling pick up for apartment residents.  After we divert single-stream and recover recyclable materials from the doorstep, we work with our partners to insure reuse. AWS has testimonial backed, proven system that enhances participation, fights contamination, increases NOI & saves money. For like type programs, Contact AWS for Apartment Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling regulation-compliant programs. The easiest turn-key sustainable option for Multi-Family Communities.

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