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What is Valet Waste Removal, and How Does it Work?

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Valet waste removal is a trash/junk removal service that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. Accelerated Waste Removal services a number of cities throughout the nation, utilizing modern technology to bring advanced waste removal services directly to your doorstep.

Curious to learn more about how it works? Check out more information about valet waste removal services below.

What is Valet Waste Removal?

Valet waste removal is a trash/waste removal service removes trash from multi-family communities, such as apartments and condominiums. This is typically performed as a doorstep service, in which residents leave their waste in bins in front of their apartment/condo to be collected by a private waste removal company.

What are the Steps to Valet Waste Removal?

  1. Residents collect their trash and prepare it for pickup, placing it in a 13-gallon trash can that’s assigned to them
  2. Residents place the trash container outside of their doorstep prior to their verified trash collection day and time
  3. Accelerated Waste Removal arrives, collects waste from every housing unit within the property’s limits, and consolidates the waste into a larger sealed container
  4. Accelerated Waste Removal transports the waste to the property’s assigned garbage dump
  5. Residents take the empty waste removal bins back into their unit until the next trash pickup date

Benefits of Valet Waste Removal

Using a valet waste removal services has a number of benefits for residents of multi-family properties, including:

  • Simplifies waste removal for residents that live on high floors, or very far from the community dumpster
  • Minimizes risk of waste bags breaking and spilling on property while being transported to dumpster
  • Saves time required to transport waste from your housing unit to the dumpster
  • Makes recycling and eco-friendly waste removal easier due to segregation of wastes

What Do I Need to Know About My Property’s Waste Removal Service?

Valet waste removal is a pretty simple process, and isn’t too different from regular trash removal. However, because it is a service provided by an independent organization, residents should know:

  • Your community’s waste collection days and times
  • Any rules about the types of bags or bins you’re required to use for pickups

Premier Valet Waste Removal Services

If you’re interested in bringing valet waste removal services to your community, we’re happy to get the process started. Contact Accelerated Waste Removal today to learn more about how we can provide valet waste removal services for your multi-family property.

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