At Accelerated Waste Solutions we strive everyday to “Make a Green Difference, from your Doorsteps”. That means we will always treat you, your residents and the environment the right way, the first time! See what our clients have to say. (*Reference Available Upon Request)
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“I had a few units my maintenance team cleared out in prep for new tenants. We used this app. Quotes were affordable and the service was excellent!”


“Great Job! App does just what it says! Took a picture, and Saved $150 from what another company offered. Definite Download...!”

Google User

“This was the second time I used Junk Shot, and both times my experience was excellent.”

Earendil L.

“AWS program and strategy is beneficial for both our Residents & Mgmt. Our Community has generated over $34,000 in new N.O.I., & while maintaining Quality Service.”

Property Manager of the Newport Apartments

“Fantastic. I had almost half a garage full of cardboard boxes and just random garbage left over from the previous owner of my house. Ian and Eddie were better than on time, they called to check if it was OK to be EARLY. That was a pleasant surprise.”

Joshua B.

“Just had an awesome experience with Junk Shot aka Accelerated Waste Solutions. They were completely honest and packed the truck full!”

David R. of St. Pete Beach, FL

“Cass LOVES utilizing Accelerated Waste because of your great customer service and competitive pricing. Thanks!”

Cass from Waste Expense Mgmt. Group

“I can’t believe how much they got it in 1 load! 2 men worked, packed, disassembled, lots of large, heavy items. I had 4 dressers/armoires & they packed junk inside the drawers. They sat things on end, whatever it took to fit it onto the truck. Heavy, nasty rolls of carpet, no complaints.”

Cindy O.

“First time using Junk Shot, but definitely not the last. Chris and Eric were very prompt, professional, efficient and friendly. Not much else to say other than they picked up and hauled away what they were supposed to, and made enough of a lasting impression for me to use Junk Shot for my future junk removal needs.”

Craig of Tampa, FL

“Fantastic! This app was a very quick and easy way to get a quote from this great service.
I took pictures, submitted my phone number and not long after they called with a quote
and scheduled a pickup time.”

Joshua B.

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