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Trying to find the most dependable trash disposal services in New Orleans? Request a quote here at Doorstep Details today and we’ll begin assisting your community as soon as possible. In addition to trash disposal, we offer recycling services and more, with the ability to serve multiple communities within the same area.

How Doorstep Details Valet Trash Pickup in New Orleans Works

We initiate our services by providing every unit with a 13-gallon trash container. Once the containers are full, residents can place them outside of their units for pickup from our porters, who will head out to the community and collect all trash from each container between the hours of 6 p.m. to 8 p.m, Sunday through Thursday, depending on the community’s independent schedule. Our staff will use leak-proof satchels to collect all trash. We then dispose of all collected trash in the community’s dumpsters or compactors. We then clean the area if it’s necessary, and then send a comprehensive “Doorstep Details Report,” which the property managers can review.

What Makes Doorstep Details Worth It?

In-Depth and Comprehensive Reports Using the Latest Technology

Each Doorstep Details report we put together is both readable and comprehensive, with a detailed and accessible .pdf file that displays all arrival and departure times, along with accurate GPS data. You can also see pick up confirmation, along with individual images of all units’ pick up areas. Through the use of our Doorstep Details app, our staff can access all data and images.

Convenience and Dependability in One Package

At Valet Trash New Orleans, we work to ensure each of our clients gets what they need from us, with a combination of reliability and convenience with every visit from us. Our employees also work to maximize safety for all residents by helping them avoid potentially dangerous nightly visits to the compactor or dumpster.

A free resident appreciation day is included prior to initiating service, which helps us introduce our services to the community. During these events, a knowledgeable and friendly Doorstep Details representative will answer questions, and we will provide free food, drinks, and fun giveaways to residents and their families.

Profitability and Peace of Mind in Cleanliness

We always include a price-match guarantee with our phase-in rates, which allows customers to save even more money while also increasing profitability. The BBB has also given our company an “A” rating, which makes Doorstep Details an official Compliance Depot Certified vendor.

With the help of Doorstep Details valet trash services, residential properties can benefit from reduced development and property management costs, along with more convenience for residents. We provide reliable and timely trash disposal services on a weekly basis from Sunday through Thursday, serving complexes both small and large. Our professional and highly trained, licensed, and insured employees have provided services for many different customers across the country.

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