Recycling showdown between Dallas and Fort Worth is no contest | AWS Apartment Recycling fixes dropoff location disparity

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Not to talk trash, but when it comes to recycling, Dallas outdoes Fort Worth.

The most recent report from North Central Texas Council of Governments reveals that while both cities have similar recycling programs, Dallasites out-green their neighbors to the west. To its credit, Fort Worth does lead the curbside program, tossing 18 percent more into the rolling carts than Dallas. And Fort Worth has far less access to drop-off locations than its counterpart.

The amount thrown away residentially throughout North Texas has grown since 2005, when the previous report was released; however, the amount recycled has increased as well, by about 7 percent. The report includes 71 North Texas cities and breaks recycling down into three basic categories: curbside, organic, and other.Dallas recycles almost 80 percent more than Fort Worth: 1,161 pounds per household versus Fort Worth’s 649 pounds per household.


While the difference is extreme, so is the ratio of available drop-off locations, which many apartment dwellers are forced to use. Dallas, which is roughly the same physical size as Fort Worth, has 152 drop-off locations. Fort Worth only has three.

Accelerated Waste Solutions Apartment Recycling Program corrects this disparity by providing collection locations at each property it serves. Inconvenience is MOST OFTEN the Recycling Participation Deal Breaker. Many new renters are former home owners who have become accustomed to and are looking for single-family type recycling options.  Apartment Residents are more likely to participate if they can recycle from their doorstep.  Although, city leaders take a proactive stance counting on apartment residents to handle Recycling is a big assumption to make.

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Convenience is a must if recycling programs are to be successful. When residents have to go to a far away compactor, they’re more likely to question the impact that their individual contributions will make toward the preservation of the planet!  We make it easy for residents to do their part from the doorstep. This creates greater participation, and fights contamination. We’re working to make sure that residents have the same opportunities to properly and lawfully dispose of all recyclables. Help them Live the Green Lifestyle and make Difference from their DoorStep!

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Participating becomes tougher when  Fort Worth’s drop-off locations are only for Fort Worth homeowners and “some renters.” To dispose at a drop-off location in Fort Worth, a Fort Worth resident must show either a recent water bill or current driver’s license with a Fort Worth address “to prove you have an active sanitation account.”

Dallas’ drop-off locations, which look like dumpsters, are available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this kind of accessibility, even Dallas’ nearby neighbors could recycle without much hassle. This factor deserves additional consideration, given the incredible difference in recycling participation between the two major cities.

Accelerated Waste Solutions offers Convenient multi-night pick up for apartment residents.  After we divert and recover  recyclable materials from the doorstep, we work with our partners to to insure reuse. AWS has testimonial backed, proven system that enhances participation and fights contamination. AWS serves Florida including Tampa, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, & Jacksonville. Texas including Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio & Arlington. California including Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco.  The Carolina’s including Charlotte, Raleigh, & Nashville-Davidson. Georgia including Atlanta & Savannah. Alabama including Birmingham, Montgomery, & Mobile. Mississippi including Jackson & Gulfport. Louisiana including  New Orleans, Alexandria, & Baton Rouge.

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