AWS Valet Trash DoorStep Waste Services Make Recycling Easy For Ft Meyers-Naples Apartments

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Ft. Meyers, Lee County,FL- Since 2010, the City of Fort Myers, Fla.,  has implemented recycling mandate requiring all apartment communities to establish a recycling program.

Naples, Collier County, FL  has had its mandate in place since late 2009, the Board adopted the Collier County Recycling Ordinance No. 2009-56, mandating a more extensive recycling program; requiring multi-family properties to provide recycling collection containers and recycling services to residents;

AWS DoorStep Recycling Program

AWS “Headache Free”DoorStep Recycling Program

 Although Multi-Family properties should have the choice on whether to implement recycling program or not…Many have found that recycling center can become unsightly.

AWS provids a Best-of Class Program that makes your recycling center show better…since we collect from the doorstep the recycling center can be neatly away from the Compactor or Dumpster

“Cooler Heads” understand the present reality is that the mandate has been passed…and with that said let’s take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional NOI by having a waste plan in place to “manage the mandate”. 

At AWS, with Multi-Family Recycling mandates come $150 to $175 per unit per year in NOI! Unfortunately, Commercial & Institutional properties don’t fare as well.

DoorStep Valet Trash Waste Removal ServiceFlorida including Tampa, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Naples, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Miami, Panama City & Jacksonville.

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