Tallahassee-Gainesville Apartment Recycling Face-Off, Student Living Valet Trash Waste Removal, a Real NOI Multiplier

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The Long-Time  Florida–Florida State football rivalry is between the teams of the two oldest public universities of state of Florida: the University of Florida Gators and the Florida State University Seminoles. Although both universities participate in a range of intercollegiate sports, the competition between the Gators and the Seminoles has most often focused on football.

The first game in the Florida–Florida State series was played in 1958. The Gators dominated the nineteen games played before 1976, but with the arrival of Bobby Bowden, the rivalry has become remarkably balanced . Overall, The Gators lead the overall series 33–21–2, but the series record has been split 19–18–1 over the last thirty-eight meetings in favor of FSU. For the past three decades, one or both squads have usually been highly ranked coming into the game, adding national championship implications to a rivalry already heavily weighted with in-state bragging rights.

Tallahassee-Gainesville Apartment Recycling Face-Off

Lets weigh the facts on University Efforts to increase renewable living on and around campus..

Florida Gators Valet Trash | Office of Sustainability  In Gainesville, Recycling collection service at apartment complexes is mandatory in Gainesville and is arranged by the owner or manager of the complex.  Apartment Management staff provides information on recycling in apartment complexes. Management has the Mandate to participate.

Some apartment management companies go out of their way to recycle. Among them is Contemporary Management Concepts, which manages 18 properties with 2,500 apartments. A notable mention goes to UF’s Housing department , first university in world to receive green certification in addition to having one of state’s first carbon-neutral residence hall laundry operations.  The Department of Housing and Residence Education staff and residents actively participate in a variety of community service and outreach programs.

Florida State University | Valet Trash | Office of Sustainability

Florida State University | Office of Sustainability

Tallahasse’s FSU was First Place Winner  for  College RecycleMania was “The Spirit of Recycling at FSU”. Programs Like this can have a direct impact on participating campuses and intern Colligate Living Communities. Well over half of campuses surveyed in any given year report a noticeable increase in recycling that is attributable to the school’s participation. This fact is supported by results which show the overall recycling rate (recycling as a percentage of waste stream) for all schools combined typically increases from the first half of the competition to the second (in 2011, the rate increased 1.42% from 24.37% to 27.79%). FSU University Housing Halls  & Alumni Village practice recycling and sustainable living on Campus. Each Floor has recycling bins or Trash Chutes. The City of Tallahassee allows Apartment management to choose if they would like recycling center on premises. Some small complexes use recycling bins and some may use garbage cans due to space constraints.

There are may unique and innovate recycling programs in place at FSU. FSU reCycle Bike Program is one of them. Their Goal is advance the movement towards a more sustainable and healthy campus by getting studnts to choose a more sustainable and healthy method of transportation. Any current FSU student is eligible to rent a bicycle from us for $25 a semester or $40 for the entire school year.

 So who wins the Tallahassee-Gainesville Apartment Recycling Face-Off…well you will have to make that decision. Both Schools encourage staff and residents actively participate in a variety of community service and outreach programs. Both have shown equal commitment to innovative ideas, recycling and continued Sustainability.
Source: FSU & UF Office of Sustainibility, Recycle Mania, Wikipedia

Student Living Valet Trash Waste Removal, a Real NOI Multiplier!

AWS DoorStep Recycling Program

AWS “Headache Free”DoorStep Recycling Program

At AWS, we make Collegiate Student Apartment Living Recycling Easy with a proper all-inclusive DoorStep Valet Trash Waste Removal.  Our fully compliant Multi-Family Recycling programs come with over $375 per unit per year in NOI!

Accelerated Waste Solutions offers Convenient multi-night Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling pick up for apartment residents. After we divert single-stream and recover recyclable materials from the doorstep,we work with our partners to insure reuse. AWS has testimonial backed, proven system that enhances participation, fights contamination, increases NOI & saves money. For  Multi-Family Recycling Programs, Contact AWS for Apartment Valet Trash & DoorStep Recycling regulation-compliant programs. The easiest turn-key sustainable option for Multi-Family Communities.

Valet Service Contracts available in the following States & Cities Served: DoorStep Valet Trash Waste Removal Service: Florida including Tampa, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Naples, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, Pensacola, Miami, Panama City & Jacksonville. Georgia including Atlanta & Savannah. Alabama including Birmingham, Montgomery, & Mobile. Texas including Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio & Arlington. California including Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco.  The Carolina’s including Charlotte, Raleigh, & Nashville-Davidson.  Mississippi including Jackson & Gulfport. Louisiana including  New Orleans, Alexandria, & Baton Rouge. Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale & Tucson. Virginia including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond & Virginia Beach, Maryland & Washington, D.C

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