Pinellas County Awards Tech-Waste Firm, JUNK SHOT App, Code Enforcement Contract for Vacant Lot Debris Removal

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[learn_more caption=”Learn More”][/learn_more] Accelerated Waste Solutions (AWS), a Tampa Bay-based, Waste/Recycling Firm has been awarded the Pinellas County Contract for Code Enforcement, Vacant Lot Debris Removal/Maint.

“AWS believes our Efficient & Tech-Advance, Debris Recycling, will be a More Cost-Effective, Accountable, & Timelier method toward CODE ENFORCEMENT handling Illegal Dumping, Debris Removal from Vacant/Fire Hazard City-Owned Props.” Says Director of Business Development, Fred Tomlin, Jr.

In addition to its optimized services, AWS is the developer of the U.S.A.’s Only Debris/Junk Removal Smart Phone App, JUNK SHOT. The JUNK SHOT App allows iPhone/iPad/Android users to Take a Pic/Shot of any unwanted Debris, JUNK SHOT then Sends the user a Price Quote & Pickup Time. Uniformed & Professional Haulers arrive to remove the Unwanted Debris at user’s convenience. Beyond offering users this unique experience, JUNK SHOT gives users a More Affordable Price, because we seek to RECYCLE 80% of the Material we collect.

If Pinellas County chooses to utilizes it, Code Enforcement Personnel could simply Take a Pic, and get a Bid for “On-Call” Services.

As the Fastest Growing Mobile App of its kind, is positioning for Expansion, Hiring, & more Client Loyalty., U.S.A.’s ONLY Junk Removal App, gives a Unique Experience, no other Junk Removal Service can offer. Taking smart phone pictures has become common place. So much so, that camera enabled apps are among the most downloaded. A trend that didn’t get by the fast growing Junk Removal Company, JUNK SHOT!

The App was launched in 2011, by its parent company Accelerated Waste Solutions, with the goal of building a National Junk Removal Firm. And they are well on there way to accomplishing just that. In addition to its Central FL markets, announces expanding its junk removal services to South Florida. An established Junk Removal & Recycling Firm in the Tampa Bay area, since 2009. The JUNK SHOT App Management Team is eager to bring more value to its parent company, AWS’, existing South Florida clients.

JUNK SHOT’s proven business model of BIGGER TRUCKS, BETTER PRICING should be a welcomed change to consumers. “To call us a Green Company is an understatement”, says Co-Founder, Sherrod Hunter. Hunter says, “We’re able to get rid of More Junk, for Less Cost, because we seek to Recycle or Donate 80% of collected materials.” The Junk Shot App streamlines a customer’s experience, by making junk removal price quoting easy. A difference Palm Beach & Broward residents should welcome, considering none of Junk Shot’s national competitors, will give “Over-the Phone” Price Quotes.

For Questions or Franchise Info. about JUNK SHOT!, Contact:
Fred Tomlin, Director of Business Development | [email protected] | 866-698-2874 |

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