“Choosy Moms Choose JunkShot for their Palm Beach Junk Removal Needs”

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“Choosy Moms Choose JunkShot for their Palm Beach Junk Removal Needs”

First, Mom is a Caring and Highly Selective Individual who wants to make the Right Decisions for Her Family. JunkShot the choice of Choosy Palm Beach Moms, meaning if you are Frugal and dont have tons of money to Spend on Junk Removal, then you should Choose AWS..!  Junk Removal has its trade secrets. There are Two things almost every Junk Removal company Claims that they do but Don’t. In fact, some Palm Beach Junk Removers actively try to hide these secrets from the public. But we’re here to take off the bandage and expose the JunkShot Difference.

1.Kind Courteous Valued-Added Palm Beach Junk Removal Service

Need Same or Next Day Junk Removal Service in Palm Beach? You can Reach us 855-297-5865 or Download JunkShot for your Smartphone (Apple or Android) Then AWS’ JunkShot Palm Beach Junk Removal Team arrives Strong & Fully Uniformed.

When You look Curbside, You’ll see the Cleanest, Newest, & Largest Equipment in the Industry, Guaranteed to Save Major Dollars over the Competition…! Truck size is Equivalent to a Big Dumpster You May have seen in passing…

GOT Junk_Vs & JunkShot Button_Bed upWe’ll Greet You at the Door. Then You’ll then Guide to & Point out the Material to be removed. We then agree a Flat price for the Space You’ll use on the Truck. Our Over-Sized JunkShot Truck Automatically Bakes in Extra-Value….Then we Get To Work…to Clear the Clutter. Once We’re done,…we take All Forms of Payment On-The-Spot.

There…You’ve Had that 100% Stress Free Experience! We Then leave knowing that we’ve earned the Right to have another Shot at Repeat Business.

2.  Most Palm Beach Junk Removal companies recycle less than they claim

Some Junk haulers like to claim that they recycle 70% of the items and trash they take in. But in reality,  most junk hauling companies recycle far less than they claim. It’s hard to establish a real average unless your Junk Remover has a Mini-Transfer Station to handle the De-Manufacturing Process. A good guess is that the actual Junk Removal recycle rate is somewhere around 10 to 20%. Green is “In”… so claiming you recycle is an easy sell…!

3. Junk hauling companies will almost always charge you more than they estimate

Junk hauling companies often “Bait & Switch” with free estimates. And they almost always underestimate the amount of junk you have. And you will almost always end up paying more than you thought you would to have your junk hauled away. At AWS, we have Up-Front Pricing Prominently displayed on our Website. We Quote you a “Sight Unseen” amount based on how Many F-150 PickUp Beds full debris you have.

These secrets don’t necessarily mean that junk removal companies are “bad”. Every industry has the little white lies, these happen to be the ones junk haulers tell you. Choose AWS for No Junk Removal Surprises In West Palm Beach. Remember AWS the choice of choosy Moms, you should Choose AWS. Reach us At 855-297-5865 or Book Online at

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