The Art Of Clearing the Clutter | How Do you Stack Up next to a Tampa or Palm Beach Hoarder?

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How Do You Stack Up..?

The Art of Organizing Clutter

Organizing is hard for some people. Maybe getting organized and staying organized is hard for most people. But once you get organized and develop the habits of someone who is organized life gets a lot easier…or So we think….

Compulsive hoarding (or pathological collecting, or, informally, packratting) is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. Compulsive hoarding behavior has been associated with health risks, impaired functioning, economic burden, and adverse effects on friends and family members. When clinically significant enough to impair functioning, hoarding can prevent typical uses of space so as to limit activities such as cooking, cleaning, moving through the house, and sleeping. It can also be dangerous if it puts the individual or others at risk from fire, falling, poor sanitation, and other health concerns.


Accelerated Waste Solutions (AWS), a Tampa Bay-based, Waste/Recycling Firm has been awarded the Pinellas County Contract for Code Enforcement, Vacant Lot Debris Removal/Maint. We also Provide Hoarder & Junk Removal Services in Palm Beach County as well.  In this case, Pinellas County Code Enforcement asked that the AWS’ Team tackle a Clearwater Hoarder home. We were instructed to remove Debris in Phases with the exterior being first. This Clearwater Home was long deemed Inhabitable, but we were up for the Challenge. The property had been sitting for a few years and was quite an eyesore for neighbors on the street. With plenty of Standing water, small pet remains and general household waste we brought in Bobcat to load debris into our Trucks. This Project took 3 days, 11 Truck Loads & we removed 200 Yards of Debris…! Clearly, the below home isnt the typical home we serve but,… the County made the Responsible Choice by choosing the Junk Shot App Team.

Tampa Clearwater Junk removal

Clearwater Florida Hoarder Home

Here are 5 Tips for Junk Removal and Organizing in Tampa & Palm Beach/Ft Lauderdale Area:

1. When You are Shopping or Buying always be Asking Yourself, Do I NEED this?  

Society & “Keeping Up with the Joneses” makes us want. Consumer culture and advertising makes us want. Sometimes we make ourselves want. After all what makes you feel better than buying something that’s brand new. But try and think past the want and think about the need. Do you need this?

We don’t really need most of the things we think we need. We want them. But need them? No. So ask yourself when you are shopping do you really need this? Will you use it? Or are you just buying it to buy it?

2. Pick A Clean-Up/Clear Out Date and Stick to It.

When you are cleaning up, removing junk and clutter, the most important part is to pick a date and stick to it. Procrastination is a killer. Don’t let procrastination kill you. Book Online with the JunkShot App Team. We’ll help you keep your date & clear your clutter with our Huge Trucks.

3. Get Rid of Duplicates

Why have “Everything & the Kitchen sink?” Some Folks have two of everything. Two toasters, two pepper grinders, two garlic presses, two sets of dishes. This is a pretty common situation for most people. So when you are looking to reduce and declutter get rid of duplicates items you don’t need.

4. Donate Your Junk

Instead of throwing junk and trash out, donate your unwanted items to charity. You’ll be a lot of happier and get a nice tax write off at the same time. Many charities run their own thrift shops and those thrift shop have a wish list of items. So consult with your charity and see what they need. The key to donating your Junk is to be sure that what you’re giving away is something that someone else would keep. The Golden Rule is that it’s gotta be eligible to be “another Man’s Treasure.

5. Buy Organizers

Thankfully if your goal is to stay organized than take advantage of all the wonderful organizing solutions that are freely available in stores. Everything from racks to shelves. These can help keep everything exactly where you need it.

The main thing to remember about organizing is that once your organized stay organized. This makes the task of organizing easy because organization becomes a maintenance task.

Junk Removal Ft Lauderdale

JUNK Shot App Junk Removal Team In Action

We are Florida’s Junk Removal & Hauling experts. You can take a sigh of relief when you find out that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get that a garage cleaned out to happen on time and under budget. You can finally have that bulk item removed from your property! No more mounds of junk just sitting there on your driveway. You can finally have a great group of guys get that junk removed and responsibly out of your site! Remember to Call 855-297-5865  or visit for all your Junk removal Needs.

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