Junk Shot App – Junk Removal reduces its Carbon Footprint for Earth Day 2015

By April 10, 2015No Comments

by Fred Tomlin

Believe it or not, Orlando Junk Removal & Earth day have alot more in common than you think. Well, at least at Orlando Junk Shot App – Junk Removal it does. Most think that our Motto “Bigger Trucks, Better Pricing”, is just a catchy way of saying our Trucks are Big. That’s true… but there is some method to our madness.

Junk Shot App- Junk removal is aggressive about recycling your unwanted materials, so we need larger trucks to collect more material. We want to recycle your Junk, and pass those savings onto to our customers. And since we have larger bed loads we make less trips back and forth to recycling facilities, which also cuts down on our carbon footprint.

So the next time you hear us say “Bigger Trucks, Better Pricing”, you can take pride, that our efficient truck strategy is saving you time, money, & the Planet.

Celebrate Earth Day by Clearing out the clutter in your Life, with the most Convenient & Environmentally responsible Junk Removal Company on the planet… Junk Shot App, just “Take a Shot” or Call 855-297-5865 |¬†

Happy Earth Day, 04/22/15!


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