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A Win-Win for Apartment Residents and Share Holders!

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“AWS clients earned Over $500,000 in Additional Amenity Revenue this Jan ’19 alone.”

Being a client of DOORSTEP DETAILS – VALET TRASH has its perks. Doorstep Details streamlines the Multi-family/Apartment Trash system, by adding transparency for Management and convenience for residents. Doorstep/Valet Trash Collection has been a value-add, multi-family amenity for years. And Doorstep Details-Valet Trash is a national leader in the space.

Superior performance and trusted partnerships with R.E.I.T.’s, Property Management Groups, and Waste Consultants across the country, has made Doorstep Details a sought after name in Valet Trash services. And as their service portfolio grows, so does the revenue they generate for multi-family asset holders. Management Companies charge residents a “Convenience-Fee” for the 5-Night-A-Week Doorstep Trash Collection service, that is greater than Doorstep Details fee for service, and Management Companies earn the difference.

These earnings are significant. An average 300 Unit Apartment Complex (charging residents $25 per month for Valet Trash service) can earn $4,500 per month or $54,000 per year in Additional Net Operating Income, on top of Rental revenue. At a conservative Cap Rate of 10%, this would add $540,000 to the Value of the Multi-family Asset!

In fact, Doorstep Details’ clients have generated over $500,000 in additional amenity revenue, and have added Millions to the value of their assets, in just the month of January 2019 alone.

Curious about what Doorstep Details-Valet Trash can do to enhance your community’s quality of life and bottom line? Visit or Call 866.698.2874.

Doorstep Details-Valet Trash is a division of Accelerated Waste Solutions.

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