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Supplement your Maintenance Team with Valet Trash Service

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You may not give much thought to how much time your maintenance department spends dealing with residents’ trash at your condo community or apartment complex. However, the number of hours spent on this task would probably surprise you. With so many other duties competing for their time, this task can get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Wouldn’t it be better to obtain valet trash service from Accelerated Waste Solutions instead?

Benefits of Outsourcing Trash Pick-Up

As the owner of a condo community or apartment complex, it seems likes there are never enough hours in the day to process applications from new renters, clean apartments between renters, complete repairs, and much more. Although you have a maintenance staff for some of these duties, their time is limited as well.

Allowing our company to provide valet trash service gives you valuable peace of mind that someone is attending to trash pick-up in a timely and efficient manner. Unlike your maintenance staff who has dozens of other things to do, Accelerated Waste Solutions focuses only on trash-pick up for large rental or housing developments.

How Does Valet Trash Service Work?

When you sign up for valet trash service for your condo or apartment complex, we provide every unit with a 13-gallon waste container. Residents place bagged trash inside of the container and place it outside of their door prior to the scheduled day and time of pick-up. Our crew comes to your complex, collects the trash bags, places them in a larger spill-proof bag, and places that bag inside of the dumpster for the entire building. We always inspect the dumpster to ensure that the area surrounding is in even better condition than when we first arrived.

After we empty their trash containers, residents wheel them back to the designated storage space until the next pick-up. We then send a report that indicates the time we entered the building, the time we left the building, confirmation of all pick-ups, and photos of the building after we have completed service.

Safer and More Convenient for Residents

For people who work long hours away from home, the later evening hours are the only time available to deliver bags of trash to the dumpster. Some people may feel so uncomfortable about this that they allow trash to accumulate inside of their apartment for as long as possible. They may also carry trash bags around in their car until they can drop it off during daylight hours. Neither one is a healthy or desirable option.

With valet trash service, all your residents need to do is place the full trash receptacle outside of the door to their unit and place it back into storage for another week. It makes their lives easier, which is something they are sure to consider when it comes time to decide whether they should move out or renew their lease.

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If you’re ready to introduce valet trash service at your building, we invite you to complete this quote form. One of our representatives will contact you shortly with a quote and guide you through your next steps if you decide to initiate service.

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