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Bringing Technology to Valet Waste

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Like many people, you might have never thought the terms “trash pick-up” and “technology” belonged together. After all, picking up trash from residents of a condo community or apartment complex seems to be an entirely manual process. Signing up for valet waste service with Accelerated Waste Solutions will change your opinion about that. We offer valet trash service with the Doorstep Details application, a development that merges technology and valet waste services in a way you might have never expected.

What is Doorstep Details?

Doorstop Details is our new smartphone application that provides you with an in-depth report about your valet trash service. The first time one of our employees uses the app is to capture a photo of the common areas inside of your building and another photo of the outside of the building. This documents that we sent employees to your location and that they performed the work as requested.

The Doorstop Details app allows you to download a PDF report and save it for your records. In addition to the photos described above, the report indicates the exact time our valet waste porter arrived, how long he or she spent in the building, and the time of departure. You will also know which tasks our porter completed while on your premises. We have found that combining technology with valet waste service brings valuable peace of mind to property owners, tenets, and employees themselves.

Introducing the Concept of Valet Trash Service to Your Residents

In most rental communities or housing developments, residents keep trash in their individual units until they are ready to dispose of it in a larger receptacle. This is usually an industrial trash container on the property. They either walk the bags of trash to the larger receptacle or drive with trash in their cars. Although they probably don’t enjoy this, it has been a habit for a long time. They may still need some convincing that valet waste service is the way to go.

When you become a customer of Accelerated Waste Solutions, we provide each of your residents with a large 13-gallon trash can. On trash day, all your residents need to do is set the container outside of the door at the designated time. This is typically in the evening hours between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. We take the trash bags from each unit and place them in a larger sealed container guaranteed not to leak or drip.

After collecting all trash bags from residents, we deliver the large container to the property’s garbage dump ourselves. Your residents are responsible for removing their trash bins from outside of their doors and storing them until our next pick-up service. To help get people excited about this new option in trash pick-up, our company throws an annual Resident Appreciation Day once a year.

Ready to Learn More?

No matter what type of multi-housing or rental property you own, we believe that you would benefit from valet trash services. Please contact us at 866-698-2874 to request additional information or complete the quote request form on our home page.

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