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How Do Valet Trash Removal Services Set Their Prices?

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As a property manager, it can be tough deciding whether or not your multi-family property needs a valet trash removal servicer. Valet trash removal is a service that is growing increasingly popular, and many residents view it as a valuable amenity for their place of residence.

However, when considering utilizing a valet trash removal service, many property managers are cognizant of its cost. Not sure how valet trash removal companies set their prices? Here are a few of the factors that will determine the cost for your community:

Property/Building Features

Different properties will experience different costs because they may be different sizes. Even if they’re run by the same property management company, it’s unlikely that they will have the exact same dimensions, layout, and structure. There are a few variables that will affect the cost most directly.

Number of Units

Because waste removal professionals will have to move from unit to unit within the complex, larger units will see higher costs. Since they must account for more residences and more bags of trash, there must be a larger plan in place to facilitate the transfer of waste to the community dumpster. Larger units will require more time and more valets to remove trash, which may require more removal days or longer use of a service vehicle.

Number of Stories

Similar to the size of the unit, the number of stories within the unit will have a significant effect on the cost of service. Larger buildings with more stories will require valets to travel up more floors and more effort for waste removal. The extended distance they travel will also require more time to complete the process, thus increasing the price.

Property Landscape

Every property is designed differently, and some are more convenient for waste removal than others. Landscape features such as the number/location of dumpsters, the availability of a service elevator, the amount of stairs, and whether or not the units have indoor/outdoor entrances all have an impact on the cost of valet trash removal services.

The Competitive Landscape

If a valet trash removal company is one of many in the area, it’s likely that you will see prices that are more competitive than those of a company that has monopolized its region. When there is a higher concentration of valet waste removal companies in a location, every company must price itself fairly in order to compete with other businesses offering similar services.


Hire a Valet Trash Removal Company Today

If you believe a property that you manage could benefit from a valet waste removal company, you’re probably right. Accelerated Waste Removal has worked with hundreds of housing units across the nation, and can confirm that larger multi-family residences need a fast, efficient waste removal system that simplifies life for its residents. Contact us today to learn more about how we can service you.

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