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What is the Proper Etiquette for Valet Waste Removal?

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Valet waste removal is one of the most convenient methods of trash disposal for residents in multi-family communities such as apartments or condominiums. Its relative simplicity and ease of use saves time and energy for residents, and is quickly becoming the top waste removal service for property managers nationwide.

However, although valet waste removal is a popular service, there are many residents that aren’t privy to the proper waste removal etiquette. Before we get into proper etiquette, let’s take a closer look at valet waste removal and what its benefits are.

What is Valet Waste Removal?

Valet waste removal is an onsite service, similar valet parking, provided by a valet waste company for a fee. Hired as a contractor by your community’s property manager, the waste removal company visits your neighborhood, picking up bagged trash that’s set outside your door twice a week. They mitigate the stress and energy that’s typically required when carrying trash long distances from your home to a waste dumpster.

How Does Valet Waste Work?

The valet waste service provides each apartment in the community with a sleek, fresh trash bin. Residents place their trash in the bins provided. A professional valet picks up the trash at specified times, placing it in a leak-proof carrier and disposing of it in the community’s dumpsters. The valet also cleans up, as needed, around the dumpster, and then reports to the property manager.

Why is Valet Trash Valuable?

Having a valet trash removal service is beneficial to apartment/condo residents for a number of reasons, including:

  • Convenience — Eliminates trips to the dumpster, great for seniors and residents with disabilities.
  • Clean Community — Reduces trash in common areas and garbage spills on walkways and stairs.
  • Healthy Environment — Fewer garbage encrusted dumpsters means fewer flies and other pests.
  • Streamlining — Apartment communities need fewer dumpsters, creating more space for amenities.
  • Green Lifestyle — Recycling included in the waste valet service makes going green
  • Security — Having waste valets onsite presents an additional crime deterrent in the community.

What’s the Proper Etiquette for Valet Waste Removal?

Preparing your home’s waste for valet trash removal is a simple process. Here are some tips for trash removal on your community’s trash pickup days:

  • Place your valet trash bin outside of your door prior to the scheduled pickup time.
  • Use only the trash bin provided by your valet waste removal service.
  • Bag and tie all trash that you place in the trash container.
  • Make sure there are no unbagged items in your bin.
  • Break down cardboard boxes before putting them on top of the trash bin.
  • Double bag all pet waste.
  • Do not put broken glass or sharp objects into the valet trash bin.
  • Limit the contents of your valet trash bags to 20 lbs.
  • Do not leave large items, such as furniture or large boxes, for valet pickup.
  • Know your valet waste company’s rules, to be clear on items accepted in or beside your bin.

Valet Waste Removal Services in Atlanta GA

Accelerated Waste is as trusted valet waste company, serving communities from coast to coast. Our reliable, intuitive valet trash removal system has improved the quality of life for residents throughout the nation.

For more information about valet waste disposal services for residents of your community,  please call us at 866-698-2874, or fill out the Valet Trash Quote Form to learn more.

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