The top 5 amenities for apartments and multi-family housing units

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For property managers, continuing to find new ways to attract and retain renters is a major priority. While the location of the property plays a large role in its demand amongst renters, its amenities offered to renters are equally as important.

That being said, there are many amenities that an apartment complex or condominium can offer residents, but there are several that have the most popularity amongst potential tenets:

1. Fitness Center

Fitness centers are a very popular amenity for tenets, both young and old. In an increasingly health-conscious society, more people are beginning to prioritize health, fitness, and overall wellness. Giving residents the option to exercise within their home, rather than having to pay for a gym membership, is a major plus. Standard fitness centers include equipment such as treadmills, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more.

2. Pool

In the current residential market, a swimming pool is an amenity that most tenets come to expect. Swimming pools play a large role in adding to the quality of life for residents, as they enjoy having someplace outside to hang out, take a swim, and barbecue. Having a swimming pool at your property makes it much more appealing for the summer months when it’s hot outside.

3. Valet Waste Removal

Valet waste removal is a more recent development in regard to multi-family housing amenities. Residents love valet waste removal service because it adds more convenience to their weekly schedule; instead of having to drag heavy, messy trash from their home to the dumpster twice a week, they’re able to leave it at their door, where its efficiently collected and disposed of. Residents have one less thing they need to make time to do during the week.

4. Outdoor Community Spaces

Outdoor communal spaces are especially important to younger residents. Residents value having spaces where they can get out and meet other people in their neighborhood, or host an event for their friends and family. Outdoor lounge spaces can be sophisticated or simple, including features such as a fire pit, grill, picnic tables, a playground, and much more. Instead of having to drive to a local park, residents are able to enjoy a nice day right outside their home.

5. Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric car charging stations are one of the more cutting-edge amenities that a housing property can offer. Designed for residents that desire to be more eco friendly, the charging stations allow them to charge their full-electric or hybrid cars from their own home, rather than having to find a charging station. This can prove to be extremely convenient for residents that may not have the time to make their way to a charging station elsewhere.

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