Top 5 Most Environmentally Friendly Amenities for Apartments

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In light of recent developments regarding the Earth’s climate and dwindling resources, increased efforts have been made to find more sustainable living habits. One initiative in particular has been ongoing efforts to develop environmentally-friendly amenities for multi-family housing units.

Apartment complexes, condos, and co-ops have been implementing new amenities designed to attract more conscious renters and have less of a negative impact on the environment. Some of the most popular, cutting-edge amenities include:

1. On-Site Recycling

One of the biggest concerns of the 21st century has been reducing plastic manufacture and use. Dozens of videos have shown the dangers of plastic for wild animals and the ocean, helping catalyze the motion for decreased plastic use. Adding on-site recycling to a housing unit is a great way to encourage tenets to recycle more frequently, as many residents will gladly recycle if given the opportunity. Instead of just providing the standard trash chute that groups all waste together, residents are able to separate recyclables and help reduce the carbon footprint.

2. Valet Waste Removal

Valet waste removal is another nifty waste management service that can largely benefit a community. Instead of having residents dump tons of trash bags on top of each other in a dumpster, property managers can rely on professional waste removers that go from door to door, picking up waste bags and dumping them at the same time. This method reduces the amount of bacteria and solid waste that collects around dumpsters, reducing the risk of contamination and disease in a neighborhood.

3. Car charging stations

By this point, it’s clear to everyone that reliance on petroleum is not a long term solution for energy. In light of this, many automobile manufacturers have been working toward producing more electrically-operated cars that use less gasoline. To accommodate residents that utilize these cars, some multi-family residences have begun to install electric car charging stations. These stations allow residents to refuel their cars without the added hassle of finding and waiting for a station elsewhere.

4. Ride-sharing facilities

Carpooling has always been an effective way for people to reduce fuel emissions. Sharing vehicles is nothing new, but ridesharing technologies such as Uber and Lyft surely are. These platforms allow multiple riders to use one car to get to their destination, and housing units are now accommodating them more. Certain housing units even implement designated rideshare stations, where groups can meet and get picked up for their commute. Areas like these raise awareness of the platforms, and encourage more people to use ridesharing applications.

5. LED light fixtures and energy-efficient HVAC units

Energy usage remains a hot-button issue for multi-family housing properties; many of these residences don’t use the most energy-efficient electrical, lighting, and A/C units, wasting a ton of power. However, progressive property managers have begun to rely on LED light fixtures and HVAC units, which utilize less electricity and save money.

Consider Valet Waste Removal for Your Community

Valet waste removal is one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly amenities a property manager can provide tenets. If you’re a property manager looking for more information about valet trash removal and how you can start using it, contact a representative of Accelerated Waste today.

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