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6 Steps to More Attic Storage

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Like the garage or the nether regions of your basement, your attic is one of the areas of your home where junk can pile up. Old furniture finds itself crowded up against boxes of unused decorations while stacks of dusty books mingle with paintings that look primed for an appearance on Antiques Roadshow. Looking around at everything it obvious — you need to clean out your attic. Junk Shot is here to help. Below are six tips to organize your uppermost room and what do once you’ve removed your unnecessary items.

1. Just To Be Safe

Make sure to wear the proper safety gear when cleaning your attic, especially if you haven’t been up there in a while. Even if it’s a bit warm, jeans and a long-sleeve shirt is the best outfit to protect against dust, splinters, and loose nails. Gloves, protective eyewear, and a mask are also recommended. The mask, in particular, is crucial. If you can, get one graded to protect against particles, dust, and mold spores. 

2. Brush That Dirt Off

Before you start moving, give everything a preliminary dusting and vacuuming. You might not be able to reach every crevice, but a solid wipe down will keep you from getting dirtier than you have to be and tracking that dirt around the rest of your home. 

3. Categorize 

Removing everything from your attic can be difficult. Its entryway can be difficult to reach and might not be conducive to making multiple trips up and down throughout the course of the day. Instead, start by rearranging what you have into categories — decorations, family keepsakes, winter clothing etc. You’ll find some items can be combined into the same attic storage bins, cutting down on the amount of space required to store them. The items that can’t be categorized are usually unnecessary. 

4. Inspect the Attic

As we discussed last month with carpet removal, clearing out an area gives you the best opportunity to inspect it for additional problems. First, look at your insulation. It should be evenly-distributed and on the same level as your floor joists (those wooden horizontal beams that frame your attic). If it’s not, that means you need to add more insulation.

Mold can also build up in your attic over time. The main indicators are musty smells and higher levels of humidity. Many types of mold are dangerous, so if you discover a patch of it, make sure to proceed with caution. Better yet, purchase a mold test kit to see if it’s something that a professional should remove. 

Finally, be on the lookout for any other structural damage, leaks, or animal nests that may have popped up since your last visit. 

5. Invest In Some New Storage

Space in the attic is usually tight. To make the most of it, consider investing in some high-quality organization materials. Stackable plastic containers with clearly-marked labels are the best for saving space and preventing the elements from taking their toll. Consider using vacuum-sealed bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh and prevent moths from chewing holes in them. Place everything on metal shelves for easy access and you should be good to go!

6. Call the Pros to Haul Everything Away

More space in your attic means more junk in the main areas of your home. To dispose of all your upstairs debris, download the Junk Shot app for all of your trash removal needs. Just snap some pictures, get a quote and set up an appointment. We’ll be there to pick up everything so you don’t have to haul it a second time.

Download the Junk Shot app today or contact us at 855-297-5865

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