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Reflecting on Juneteenth. A Minority-Led company persevering through the pandemic and social change of 2020

By June 18, 2020September 16th, 2020No Comments

No one could have guessed the challenges that awaited us, just 6 months into 2020. An Infectious Pandemic, Stay at Home Orders, and Social Unrest bookmark the beginning of this year. And although we could mire in the obstacles we face, we at Accelerated Waste Solutions prefer to appreciate the blessings of a responsible workforce, and two resilient business models that continue to operate in these times.

Moreover, as we prepare to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday, honoring the Last Day of Bondage for the Enslaved Africans in the United States of America. We stand humbled in the sacrifice, horror, and pain these African-Americans faced for over 400 Years. As African-American men, the founders of AWS, Fred Tomlin and Sherrod Hunter are keenly aware of the racial disparities in the U.S. today. That said, in the persevering spirit of their African ancestors, Fred & Sherrod look to build an inclusive, socially aware, and equal opportunity company.
Take out a brief moment with your family, pause, pray, and consider the millions of African Slaves that sacrificed their freedom, their labor, and their lives to help build our great nation, with no reward.
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