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Ryan Kalinowski New Director of Franchise Performance at Accelerated Waste Solutions

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June 14, 2023 | Tampa, FL

As a leader in innovative waste management solutions, Accelerated Waste Solutions is committed to recruiting top talent to support its growing franchise network. We are pleased to announce the hiring of Ryan Kalinowski as Director of Franchise Performance. In this role, Ryan will work closely with franchise owners and the leadership team to optimize operations, drive key performance indicators, and help implement strategic initiatives across all locations. With over 20 years of experience in franchising, across multiple successful emerging brands, Ryan brings a proven track record of improving efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. His expertise and passion for excellence will be invaluable as Accelerated Waste Solutions continues expanding into new markets and serving more communities nationwide. Please join in welcoming Ryan to the team. 

About Ryan Kalinowski

Ryan Kalinowski is a franchise expert with 20 years of experience in emerging franchises. He previously positioned SNAP Fitness, and he hopes to replicate the same success with the new brand. As the Director of Franchise Support, he oversaw exponential growth from 14 to over 1200 franchise locations. He hired, developed, and managed over 50 support specialists and developed the Franchise Support program. His primary responsibility was to partner with franchisee-owned locations, providing support, business coaching, and training to help them grow and thrive in the fitness industry.  

Ryan is passionate about impacting emerging brands by creating an enriching work environment, developing people, hitting goals, and creating a strong culture. He fulfilled the first VP-level position in the US for a rapidly growing international franchise, where he led the franchise business coaches and field trainers.  

Ryan’s focus is on developing and executing plans to exceed franchisor and unit-level goals while creating brand advocates among franchisees and customers. He has the ability to provide the experience and expertise to lead the direction for operational and revenue growth in a new franchise concept. 

For all these reasons, Accelerated Waste Solutions has appointed Ryan Kalinowski as Director of Franchise Performance. In this role, Mr. Kalinowski will focus on driving franchisee success and enhancing customer satisfaction across the company’s national network. 

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kalinowski will: 

  • Oversee initiatives to optimize franchisee operations, revenue, and profitability through data analysis, field support, and implementing best practices. 
  • Enhance the company’s customer service programs to boost resident satisfaction and retention for franchise communities. 
  • Identify challenges and opportunities to improve the overall franchise experience. 
  • Work closely with franchisees to set key performance indicators, evaluate individual and system-wide results, and develop targeted strategies for continuous improvement. 

“Ryan is a proven leader with extensive experience in metrics-driven management, strategic planning, and building strong partnerships,” said Sherrod Hunter, COO of Accelerated Waste Solutions. “His passion for results and collaborative approach will be invaluable as we work to strengthen support for our dedicated franchisees and enhance the customer’s experience across their properties.” 

Get in Touch with Ryan Kalinowski

To connect with Ryan Kalinowski, Accelerated Waste Solutions’ new Director of Franchise Performance, please contact him directly via the following methods: 

LinkedIn |

Message to our Franchises | We have a New Franchise Performance, Ryan Kalinowski

The hiring of Ryan Kalinowski signifies Accelerated Waste Solutions’ commitment to optimizing their franchise network and driving best practices. With over 20 years of experience in franchise operations and a proven track record of improving key performance metrics, Kalinowski seems poised to make an immediate impact. His expertise and leadership will help guide Accelerated Waste Solutions’ franchisees to new heights of efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Overall, this appears to be an impressive addition to the Accelerated Waste Solutions executive team and franchisees and customers should feel optimistic about the company’s continued progress and success under Kalinowski’s direction. The future looks bright. 

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